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Shouldn't You Be Eating My Ass?
Black femdom. When Lady Juicy comes after a long day, she needs to have her ass licked clean. Black mistress.
Tend To My Feet
“Tend to my feet”. To be granted permission to kiss, smell and lick black female feet is always a thrill for him. Black femdom.

You Got Nothing
She loves to stroke them, make them believe they will cum and then deny them, laugh and walk away. Ebony femdom.
He Struggles To Lick Ass
Two Mistresses want their assholes to be licked so the slave arches himself as best he can to be able to insert his tongue between their ass cheeks and lick. Black mistress.

Where's The Money?
Ebony femdom. Protocol demands that when he arrives home from work he kneel before her and give her his money, then he gets locked up and put to work at home. Black femdom.
Putting On Her Makeup
Good opportunity for her to have the slave worship her ass while she adjusts her eye liner. Black mistress. Because that’s where a man’s mouth belongs, on female ass. Ebony femdom.

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Black mistress. Black femdom. Ebony femdom.

Get Back To Work
Black femdom. She regularly uses her white boy to lick her clean after she has used the toilet. Black mistress.
Bitch Under Feet
“Hey Bitch” is all she has to say, and her white boy runs over and places himself under her feet. Black femdom. Like a good stool he will sit there motionless so as not to disturb she as she chats on the phone. Ebony femdom.

Bitch Forgot Dinner
This little bitch didn’t have dinner ready for she when she got home. Ebony femdom. Now that means he will have to be trampled and drink her spit. Black femdom. Sure he may say sorry, but sometimes sorry doesn’t cut it.
My Friend Delilah
She loves to share her white boy slaves with her friends. Black mistress. So when her hot friend comes by she is more than happy to have her use the slave to lick her womanhood, it’s a good way to kick off the day. Ebony femdom.

Clean Me Up Toilet Boy
Black mistress. Cleaning dirty pussy is all this slave is good for today, and that’s what she makes him do. Black femdom. She relieves herself on the toilet and then has her slave lick her clean.
Ass Teasing
Michelle, Diamond and Darielle like to talk about how they use their slave boys money. Ebony femdom. It’s so easy to do, just tease their slaves with their asses and they will do anything to please them, including handing over their hard earned money. Black femdom.

black girls white slaves
Ebony femdom. Black mistress. Black femdom.

Princess On The Toilet
Ebony femdom. When Princess relives herself on the toilet, she certainly doesn’t expect to wipe herself clean. Black mistress. That’s one of the many uses of a white man’s mouth, to lick black pussy and asshole clean.
Extended Ass Eating
The black female anus is more than just a hole that her turds tumble out of. For their white boy slaves it’s an object of worship and desire. Black femdom. So occasionally Babie and Princess will reward their slave by letting him lick their assholes for lengthy periods of time. Black mistress.

End Of Day Ass Cleaning
A long workout means a seriously dirty ass crack area for Monique. Ebony femdom. Fortunately cleaning dirty assholes and ass cracks is one thing a white boys mouth is perfect for, so let him dive in and lick it all clean. Black femdom.
Taste Good Bitch?
Mistress has no interest in what this slave is in real life. Black mistress. To Mistress he is just another one of her white boy slaves that licks her clean after she has used the toilet. Ebony femdom.

Lick Me Bitch
With a simple command of “Come here bitch” the slave comes over, kneels and licks. Black femdom. He briefly smells her panties first and then tends to her pussy. Black mistress.
White Boy In Chastity
White Boy In Chastity. Angel does like her white boys to be in chastity. Ebony femdom. She finds it makes them more compliant, more obedient and more attentive to her needs. Black femdom.

Denied Orgasm
Denied Orgasm. Black mistress. They just wanted to tease, deny and frustrate him then leave him hanging there with blue balls. Ebony femdom.
At Home With The White Boy
At Home With The White Boy. Black femdom. Well the usual stuff like make him kiss feet, ridicule him, make him suck dildo cock and so on. Black mistress.

black girls white slaves
Ebony femdom. Black mistress. Black femdom.

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